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Our EDventures

At City EDventures, we’re eager to learn and explore, so we’re always working to provide more tours. Here adventure comes with updates, so keep checking back for new cities to visit, new games to play, and new things to learn.


The United States of America weren’t always so united. In fact, the country we live in today was a pretty big group effort. Founded by people in search of religious freedom, new land, and fresh opportunities, the original thirteen colonies sprung up along America’s east coast.


In the hundreds of years since they’ve become states and collected a few neighbors—but for now, let’s stick with the classics. For the next eight weeks, we’ll take a virtual road trip to visit the thirteen states that hold the history of those original colonies. From Mount Washington in New Hampshire, the Statue of Liberty in New York, and the grassy land where the Wright Brothers first threw themselves into aviation history, we’re on the road to adventure.

The Colonial Trail

Stars of the South

The American South is home to a lot of traditions—from regional foods, cultures, and music, there’s something unique about each and every state. Something each has to offer. So come explore southern hospitality with a trip through Atlanta, New Orleans, Birmingham, Houston, San Antonio, and Miami.


Explorers will take home a host of new recipes, craft their own nautical diorama, put on a jazz concert, construct their own fort, and more as they visit the Stars of the South.


Go West!

On our Go West tour, we’ll be taking a look at one of the most famous road trips in American history—the expansion to the West, including the Lewis and Clark expedition, the great wagon trains, and what settlement meant for the country and its people.


Explorers will paint and pan for gold, participate in a pool noodle pony race, and play a much safer version of live action Oregon Trail, among other unique activities.


So saddle up, and let’s Go West!


California Dreaming

California is a state founded in the spirit of adventure—from the Gold Rush that built up Sacramento all the way to the advent of Hollywood in Los Angeles. The state’s fertile valleys keep the rest of the country swimming in delicious fruits and vegetables, and their beaches are a popular draw for legendary surfers.


And that’s not to mention the rich cultural history here, still evident in the pueblos and missions dotting the hillsides.


In this tour, we’ll cover a variety of the best California has to offer—historical, cultural, social, and edible. Our adventurers will pan for gold, learn the makings for an excellent guacamole, and script their own screenplay, along with many more activities.


So get ready for some California Dreaming.

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