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“Our City EDventures pilot in Port St. Lucie was a resounding success.  The Club members were enthralled and learned so much about Philadelphia and DC.  With a travel focused curriculum that meets required standards, fun and excitement bring the atmosphere of various cities alive.  

Kids travel across the country and around the world through a virtual interactive experience featuring dozens of digital/video vignettes and activities to inspire them to become global citizens as they explore culture, places, people, food, iconic sites and the history of different cities.” 

Tommy John, VP of Philanthropy, Boys & Girls’ Clubs of Port St. Lucie County.


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Thank you for exploring our website! Your interest in City EDventures means a lot to us, and we're here to assist you in any way we can. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need further information.

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  • What types of activities are included with each day?

    • Morse code games, Jeopardy, card games, Build your Immigrant, Create a rap song Build the Mayflower,  Make your own flag, and much more.  Coloring, gluing, painting, sewing…..every craft you can think of in a box.


  • How do I get started when I receive my box?

    • Sit down at your computer or TV monitor.  Access the online portal outlined on the instruction card enclosed in the box. Once you are on the site, it will prompt you each step of the way.  Examine the packets in your box as the interface prompts you to do each activity.


  • How often will new cities be added?

    • We expect to add a city per month moving forward.


  • How do I schedule a zoom call with an avatar? 

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